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Biofeedback &/or Neurofeedback combined
with Results Coaching, or coaching on its own, make a 

positive, powerful impact in your everyday life

Cultivate Your Best Self with our unique & effective programs that offer:

Education      Experience      Cultivation      Support      Accountability

We offer the option of home training, with unparalleled support and accountability outside of your regular appointments.


Personal coaching involves empowering you to identify and realize your goals, dreams and aspirations by helping you become more self-aware and by developing your own resources that are your manifest talents and potential.


With these support features, clients find that they can sustain the changes they experience which makes their life more satisfying and the small investment in themselves a wise one. 

In our group and individual programs, our clients often experience:


  • A life that is more peaceful, pleasant, manageable & exciting

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved memory, mood, focus and attention

  • Improved business performance and profitability

  • Improved communication and receptivity that helps in creating better relationships

  • Changes to live more authentically while still supporting the important relationships in your life

  • Improved cardiac autonomic system tone and immune health

  • Improved cardiac tone which often creates greater lung capacity

  • More energy

  • Reduced reactivity & impulse control

  • Supportive, life-affirming beliefs (Your own, not ours!)

  • More compassionate attitude towards self and others

  • Increased gratitude

  • For those with a spiritual focus, more connection to their divinity

  • Expanded awareness through a shift in perspective

  • More positive view of the world helps you find heart-filled purpose for your life

  • Ability to feel your body and interpret its messages

For the entire family! 

All programs are designed from the latest relational neuroscience and positive psychology models such as:

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) for laypeople

  • EMDR for laypeople

  • Poly-vagal theory

  • Scientifically validated autonomic nervous system research

  • Heart rate variability

  • Biofeedback and neurofeedback research

  • Energy medicine and epigenetics

  • Client case studies

  • Over 15 years of clinical experience working with clients with:

    • PTSD

    • Brain trauma

    • ADHD/ADD

    • Debilitating overwhelm

    • Anxiety and stress

    • Those looking for more connection to purpose and happiness in their lives.

Although our programs are primarily focused on adults, our work is very effective with children age 8 and up.

Even more effective if multiple family members engage. Ask for family discounts!

We are happy to work with your mental health professional when appropriate.

Disclaimer: Although the trainings are believed to be very safe and have potentially great benefit, they are considered educational only. No medical benefits or cures are expressed or implied. These programs and exercises are not to be used as, or used in lieu of, any course of medical or psychological treatment and are not medically diagnostic. 

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