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Our programs are known for not just showing you how to do something and leaving you on your own. You can read a book for that! They're about supporting you with frequent group or individual sessions to integrate what you have learned, and giving you the time you need to take each step. From transforming your anxiety to other core issues in your life, like coaching for personal and relationship issues, time management, bringing a business idea to life, and getting up to speed with technology, even for beginners, we are here for you with programs that work, all with the side benefit of keeping anxiety at bay, because that's our specialty!

For Your Personal & Professional Life





Our Guarantee:

For most of our programs there are specific outcomes expected. If you do at least 80% of the homework and participate in 80% of the calls and appointments, we will work with you until reach that outcome, beyond

the standard program length.

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Transform Anxiety

We've found that many people don't associate anxiety with focus, performance and productivity, general unhappiness, mood issues, or avoidance of social settings. After 20 years of working with a variety of ages, we know it is at the core of the problems they are experiencing! In our "From Panic to Peace" program you will experience a life with more happiness and ease.

It almost seems like magic when your stress and anxiety are things of

the past!

Enrolling now for Sept but you can get started early!

Payment plan & scholarships avail.

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In Love and Work


Learn effective communication. Be heard and seen. Get your needs met. Learn to honor your partner.

Six sessions or six month programs. 

Unique programs utilizing the power of biofeedback with NVC Compassionate Communication methods. 

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Do Biofeedback at Home!

Wellness Tech 

Select from a variety of biofeedback technology that is easily used at home. Self-directed or supported by specific programs we offer. For anxiety relief, pelvic floor strengthening, posture improvement, muscle tension, pain, headaches, mood, meditation, focus and more. From the low $100.

This page is in progress.
Please contact us for any questions you

may have.

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Hurry! Limited Openings


Laser Coaching

Unheard of pricing!
Unlimited number of personal

or business coaching sessions

for an entire year for $997 

Laser coaching sessions are 15 minutes and as often as you like, even once per day.   
This process works!

Hurry! Limited openings.


Personal & Business

Self-Care Bootcamp 



For you to be truly successful in your life, self-care must be one of your top priorities. It's possible for you to love your work, clients, and have a rich personal life, reduce overwhelm, anxiety, worry, and lack of direction. Learn to set boundaries, manage over-giving, make time for yourself. Begin with support, time off as needed, and some food for thought through the holidays and start the program in 2021 strong with more ease.

Pilot program is $1297

Payment plan & scholarships avail.

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In Love and Work

Healing Circle for Healers

Are you a seasoned professional and often feel alone in your

practice, always helping others yet rarely finding time to do the things you need to do for yourself? As a healing practitioner we often don't reach out to our peers when we are having financial challenges, are  feeling emotional and vulnerable, need some advice in our personal life, or support when working with a challenging client. Offer support and feel supported in this safe circle of group AND 1-to-1 peer support. One of a kind program with a small monthly membership.

This group is a work in progress. 

If you want to know more, please leave a message and Daz will get back to you with specifics.  

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Would you like to learn and work with us?

We have intern-type programs if you want to become a life-coach, learn our processes and/or digital marketing. No age barriers or experience necessary. Age 18+
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Stack of Files
Business & Personal

Your Time
& Your Life

Get more done, avoid overwhelm, all the while taking time for the joys of life.

To-Do Tasks, time and paper/digital file

management course w/ optional maintenance support to make it all work long-term. Finally, get a hold of your office organization, simplify it, and bring peace into your life!
You will learn and implement what you need in our basic four-day workshop     (4 separate 3 hour days, not in the same week) OR our premium course with ongoing maintenance. 

From $497

Enrolling now for Sept but you can get started early!
Please contact us for more information.

Work Desk

Get Your Business Online Now!

Implement the basics to become visible & functional in your business. Discover what you need in creating an online presence, marketing, implementation, operations, maintenance, and learn the necessary tech (Zoom and more) so you can share your gifts with the world. 


Pricing depends on your needs.

From $697 to 1597 


Please contact us for enrollment or to answer your questions

Payment plan & scholarships avail.

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Zoom for Introverts

How can you go online and run programs when you are introverted and don't want to be seen? We will work with you in a small group to make it happen! Our anxiety work will help you become more visible and confident, less anxious and learn how to monitor your energy to you can sustain hours online without Zoom-itis getting you down.


No schedule set for 2021.

Please contact us for updates


Bring Your

Big Idea to Life

Do you have a business idea, product or invention that you need to explore and develop before making it a reality?
This bootcamp is for you! You'll save precious money and time getting some of the basics done early in the evolution of your project.

You'll have access to the knowledge and experience of two seasoned in this world who have done it before. Designer, engineer and prototyper, Ron, with over 50 patents to his name and Daz, skilled with the mindset and practicality in systems and implementation, has been an entrepreneur most of her adult life. They can give you the ins and outs of making your dream a reality. 

                $1297 full pay pricing

Please contact us for enrollment or to answer your questions


Payment plan & scholarships avail.