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Our programs are known for not just showing you how to do something and leaving you on your own. You can read a book for that! They're about supporting you with frequent group or individual sessions to integrate what you have learned, and giving you the time you need to take each step. From transforming your anxiety to other core issues in your life, like coaching for personal and relationship issues, time management, bringing a business idea to life, and getting up to speed with technology, even for beginners, we are here for you with programs that work, all with the side benefit of keeping anxiety at bay, because that's our specialty!

Your Personal Life

Transform Anxiety

Programs with or without biofeedback. Learn and experience a life with more happiness and ease. Magic happens when your stress and anxiety are things of the past!


Learn effective communication. Be heard and seen. Get your needs met. Learn to honor your partner.

Laser Coaching

Unheard of pricing!
Unlimited number of personal

or business coaching sessions

for an entire year for $997     
This process works!

Wellness Tech 

Select from a variety of biofeedback technology that is easily used at home. Self-directed or supported by specific programs we offer.

Your Profitable & Organized Life

Tackle Your
To Do List! 

Get more done and avoid overwhelm.

To Do Tasks, time and paper/digital file

management course w/ optional maintenance support to make it all work long-term. Basic program OR Premium with support.

Get Your Business Online Now!

Implementing the bare bones for becoming visible & functional online, and learning the necessary tech, so you can share is your gifts with the world

Zoom for Introverts

How can you go online and run programs when you are introverted and don't want to be seen? We will work with you in a small group to make it happen! Our anxiety work will help you become more visible and confident, less anxious and learn how to monitor your energy to you can sustain hours online without Zoom-itis getting you down.

Bring Your Big Idea to Life

Do you have a business idea, need to explore and develop it before moving forward? This workshop is for you!