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Are you
anxious, overwhelmed, unproductive,
feeling stuck?
Is your wellness at stake?
Tension, mood, body aches?

Eager to start?
Set up an introductory call now!

This is our flagship "From Panic to Peace" transformation program that now includes neurofeedback for this special promotion.

All methods and your dedication to your own healing will help you find serenity, well-being and improved brain function.
Which level of program
is right for you?

Our unique approach to the challenges brought on by anxiety will help you improve many areas of your life including:

  • Focus

  • Self-acceptance

  • Confidence

  • Productivity

  • Organization

  • Clarity

  • Sense of purpose

  • Body and mind awareness

  • Quiet inner critic

  • Performance in sports, work, and life

    Although this work is not a medical treatment, some clients have reported improved heart rate & cardiac tone and reduced blood pressure after doing the the HRV biofeedback for several months.


All Level One courses include:

  • Easy to use biofeedback equipment valued at $200 plus books

  • Complete Level One training modules and course materials

  • Access to group coaching calls 3x month, recorded in case you miss.

  • Connection and community with others doing this work where you will get and give support.

  • Should you need additional help above the regular course allowances, coaching is available for a discounted fee

  • Depending on the needs of the participants, you may be offered additional types of biofeedback to further support your growth

Please note that the Levels are not necessarily back-to-back, often a month or two between. This works for most people since it gives integration time and for them to identify what hasn't stuck. Often, courses don't give you time to integrate which is essential when changing often lifetime patterns of behavior.

Level One

"From Panic to Peace" is 4 Months
This is where everyone starts. It includes the basics in Heart Rate Variability biofeedback training with simple-to-use equipment and mindset management. For those who are highly motivated to work on their own, this Level might be all they need.

Levels Two and Three uplevel client's ability to manage their anxiety, increase emotional and physical resiliency and work through more life challenges. This can also be beneficial for business owners to manage their stress and business challenges, which can be addressed in some of the 1-on-1 sessions.

All prices listed are the maximum amount charged,
before scholarships or sliding scale are applied.
Monthly payments are available.

Don't let cost keep you from living your best life -
Let's talk!

"From Panic to Peace"
DIY  Self-paced

10 Weeks Online

For those with self-discipline to complete a course on their own. You will have access to the full online course material, and be encouraged to attend our group Q&A calls, typically in listen-only mode (depending on number of attendees) 3x monthly to get full value from this training. Support and coaching are limited in this level of program.

Group Discussion

Level One
"From Panic to Peace"
Small Group
Instructor Led

4 Months Online

You will receive small, digestible lessons that come into your inbox or smartphone prior to our 3x per month Q&A weekly calls and several optional weekly calls, with a small group of relatable students. You can expect lots of contact with the program to ensure your success! This level includes a minimum of four 1-on-1 sessions with the instructor/coach.

Image by Amy Hirschi

Level One
"From Panic to Peace"
1-on-1 Customized

4 Months Online

You will receive lessons that arrive in your inbox or smartphone and 1-on-1 with the instructor-coach for 6 full sessions and 6 or more support sessions. Because of this contact, you will be motivated to stay on track.

This program is for those who want individual attention and may not want to work in a group setting, however, to get a more complete experience, we encourage attending group calls 3x month.


Image by Amy Hirschi

Level Two
"From Panic to Peace"
Instructor Lead
8 Month Program
Small Group or 1-on-1

8 Months Online

Select the type of 4 Month program above that you want and add:


Group: $1000


1-on-1: $2000

You will begin with the 4 Month "From Panic to Peace" with additional sessions with your coach and will continue on for 4 more months of practice, training and support. In this 8 month commitment, which often is the best choice for those who want time for this work to deepen, you will continue to receive lessons that arrive in your inbox or smartphone.  Additional coaching sessions are included at this level. Because of this contact, you will be motivated to stay on track.

Level 3


Levels 1, 2 & 3

Personalized combined

and Small Group

Up to 12 Months Online

Limited Time Pilot Price

This is our premium, complete anxiety transformation course with a longer duration and the highest level of support and access to 1-on-1 coaching and instruction, all included in your fee.

It is perfect for those who can make a commitment to their well-being and realize that it takes time and support to make a permanent change.

This is ideal for those who need support in life skills instruction & education, such as young people who need "adulting".

You will participate both 1-on-1 with your coach and often in a small group. Included is up to 12 months of support and accountability including the ability to get specific help for issues like sleeplessness, productivity, life issues, anything that can be affected by anxiety.


Optional brain training (neurofeedback) is available for this program for an additional $300-600 per month, and yes, it can be done in your home, by you, with our direction.

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