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Our Ultimate CORE Hands-On Program


12 months minimum commitment
This option has a limited number of openings each year

Begins at any time

The commitment of a year helps to make dramatic changes that last

 Ideal for:

  • Young adults who can't seem to get a handle on their life in the adult world and are not willing to let their parents assist

  • Any age adult who feels like they limit themselves and know there is much more to life than they have experienced

  • People going through transitions, like divorce, menopause, aging and want to make changes and feel supported in their new growth

  • Business people who haven't quite made it, but know they have what it takes and want to get over the hurdles that keep them stuck

  • Those who have completed one of the shorter programs and want more out of life

  • The accountability portion of this option is high. You will experience dramatic change with support as you need it.​

 Your choice of:

  • For the present time, only virtual sessions are available.



  • The Panic to Peace Transformation CORE PROGRAM with separate group clinic for those in this more intense program

  • Two (sometimes three) sessions per week for most weeks (last week is integration week and has no sessions, but support is still available.)

  • Most types of biofeedback, neurofeedback (client's choice) and all other appropriate modalities

  • Phone, email or text check-ins with staff three to four times per week outside of sessions

  • We support, encourage and kick your butt if necessary (if you request that)  to make sure you either get stuff done, or do a discovery session to see what's in your way

  • Abundant 10 minute phone calls and emails to us when you get stuck or need other help

  • Please note that in order to do neurofeedback a brain map is required initially and at least every six months- cost $600


  • Monthly extensions as needed, with less contact as client progresses 

Individual One-on-One Sessions
For specific issues or training for home sessions
  • ​This is our most expensive option

  • Individual attention, either in person or virtual

  • Minimum three hours prepaid before first appointment

  • Discounts available for prepaid ten, twenty or forty hours 

  • Best for those who want to be trained by us with processes and equipment and work mostly on their own

  • Best for those who have chronic conditions that need specific attention, like excessive muscle tension, pain, headaches and other conditions

  • Neurofeedback can be included in this option with a minimum of twenty sessions. See FAQ page for equipment requirements. Let's discuss pricing.

  • Creative financing available. Please inquire.

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