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Lumosity (Brain games) Challenge
Due to Covid-19, these clinics are not currently available.
Create resiliency from fight-or-flight to rest-and-restore
 response to increase your feelings of peace and happiness

We use Lumosity as an opportunity to train our autonomic nervous system (ANS) and keep tabs on our cognition. And it's fun! Anxiety and stress appear as we are playing the games. We express differently when we are playing along, playing with family members present, and playing in group here at the office. We learn how to take a moment, visualize, take a breath, calm down before starting play again. We learn how to use the PAUSE button when we are feeling out of control. As we engage in this process of playing, resting, coming back to calm, we strengthen our ANS and create more resiliency in our fight-or-flight to rest and restore state. It's like going to the gym for your autonomic nervous system!

Remember, if you don't use it you lose it. As we age, our ANS becomes less toned. These games also become a record our resiliency, memory, problem solving, vocabulary, math calculations, spacial orientation and much more.

Perequisite: Have three appointments within group or individual before attending the Lumosity Challenge. 

Purchase Inner Balance equipment and be using it regularly



Each client will be paired with their Inner Balance appt and a computer.

Clients are welcome to bring their own computers and their doing so will guarantee that they can participate if no reservations have been previously made. If bringing your own, please arrive a bit early to set up. Be sure to check with the office before bringing your equipment as we won't have time during the clinic to check it all out.

Please note: There are skeptics that question whether brain games are as effective as noted above. Our experience, although anecdotal, has shown that those clients who play the games regularly perform better in many aspects that has improved their lives. 

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