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Experience More Love!


Free Online or Phone Consultations

with one or both of you. Let's talk!


Is your relationship in trouble?

Do you want to be authentic, feel seen,

heard, and valued?

Do you have conflicts you just can't seem to resolve?

Or, your does the relationship need to deepen for you

to feel satisfied?

We offer a  unique approach to you both getting more of what you want in your life together

If any of these describe you, you are in the right place:

Disagreements you can't resolve






Walk on eggshells


Question your love

I love working with couples who are committed to improving the life they share.
To work with me you must meet these criteria:

  • Are wanting to enliven an already good relationship OR

  • Want to stay in your relationship but question whether or not you can

  • Be willing to do homework alone and with your partner

  • Commit to being available with your partner, either online or in-person, when we have appointments

As few as 6 sessions for you to have new tools and avenues for connection


6 Month programs to deepen and make your new way of being together last 

In our programs, our clients often experience:


  • A life that is more peaceful, pleasant, & manageable

  • New possibilities for a more exciting and satisfying life

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Knowing their partners better

  • Improved communication and receptivity that helps in creating better relationships

  • Living more in your truth

  • More energy

  • Reduced reactivity & impulse control

  • Supportive, life-affirming beliefs (Your own, not ours!)

  • More compassionate attitude towards self and others

  • Increased gratitude

  • Expanded awareness through a shift in perspective

  • A more positive experience of the world