Daz Haela Jacoby, Practitioner & Program Director

Riitta is a registered nurse who has worked in medical, psychiatric, and hospital case management positions for the last 40 years in both Europe and the United States.

She has dedicated her life to helping others find the best solutions for their lives when they experience medical, psychological or social issues.

Meditation has been an important lifetime practice for Riitta. She has participated in numerous meditation retreats, and has conducted classes in a variety of both religious and secular settings.

The last two years has found Riitta practicing biofeedback which has remarkably enhanced her meditation experience. This has opened new possibilities for coaching individuals who may be seeking to improve their lives without belonging to a formal religion or meditation group.

Riitta holds a degree in nursing from the Red Cross Nursing School in Basel, Switzerland, and received her psychology training at UCSC. She is also accredited by the American Case Management Association.

Riitta Sheppard, R.N. Practitioner & Spiritual Guide

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