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Frequently Asked Questions 
Please contact us if your questions remain unanswered.

  • Why are there so many options in pricing for your programs?
    We price our programs and clinic sessions according to the number of those enrolled and work on a sliding scale, so indicating exact prices is impossible. We can also work on trades if you can offer something we need.
    Our pricing structure also occasionally allows for partial or full scholarships (for Vets in particular). Please don't hesitate to contact us and have a conversation about what you need and can afford.


  • How can I afford this?
    There are many options to fund your program with small monthly payments, such as PayPal, Affirm and others. We can guide you through those, so please contact us.
    If those are not an option for you, our payment plans can extend beyond the length of the program to enable your monthly payments to stay within your budget. Managing your anxiety will likely enable you to work better and smarter. Clients find they are more productive so the investment in themselves was a wise one!


  • Do you offer discounts?
    All programs offer paid in full bonuses or up to 12 month payment plans. Let's discuss which is right for you. 


  • Do sessions run a full hour?
    Like most practitioners, we work on what is considered a therapy hour, which is actually 50 minutes. One and a half hours is actually 75 minutes. Any indication of time in the descriptions or when purchasing will reflect this.


  • Do you allow extra time in a session if I need it?
    Our group session generally start and end on time, however, we do extend occasionally when someone needs help. If working individually, when our schedule allows and when it seems to be needed, we will extend our time working with you and only charge what was scheduled unless you give your approval otherwise


  • Can I start anytime?
    Individual programs start anytime.
    Some groups start on specific dates, but if you sign up before the start date we will work with you individually until then.


  • Why groups?
    Often clients do better and stay with a program when they are part of a group.Often someone will ask a question that you hadn't thought to ask.
    If you choose to work within a group, you will have a group of people, small enough to learn to know, who can help keep you accountable, provide support, motivation and inspiration. It also often adds an element of fun to these changes you are making.


  • When do groups start?
    Group start dates are often dependent on the needs of participants, so let us know when you want to start and we can see how it fits with others. If a group starts in a few months, we can get you started with some of the training before that time, so when we are ready to roll, you will be that much more prepared.


  • What if I am shy and hesitate participating in a group?
    You can learn a lot just by listening in to the group calls. Although we would prefer to see you, you can keep your camera off and not say a word during the calls. You can even change your name if you don't want to be known, or make up an alias if you want! You will find that we honor where our clients are, and if you are not wanting to participate like the others, that will be OK with us! Oh yes, and another thing: you will never be called on without prior permission.


  • Can I do this at home?
    YES! Sessions can be done in person or virtual if you live within the Santa Cruz or Santa Clara counties in California areas otherwise your sessions will be virtual.


  • Is there any time off during the program?
    Built into the programs are weeks off for integration (one week per month), vacation weeks and other time off. Don't sweat the schedule! We will make it work for you.


  • Around the winter holidays, do you have a break?
    Months with holidays generally have fewer sessions, especially winter months.


  • My I just listen in when we have our group sessions?
    Yes, listening is allowable. Participation is optional. However, sessions require your full attention, so make time to seclude yourself in a separate room if possible when training at home or at the office.


  • What if I miss some sessions?
    All sessions are recorded and available to you.
    Each session builds on the prior one.

    You can miss some sessions, but please do your best to make up as much as possible. (We can help you do that)

  • Will I have to do anything on my own between sessions?
    You will have a few minutes of homework most days, and check-ins between sessions. The efficacy of these programs depend on actually doing the work and staying connected. Get your time and money's worth! 


  • May I talk to you about other considerations I have?
    Please contact us and let's talk about how it can be possible for you to be part of this amazing work. No question is out of bounds. We look forward to hearing from you!

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