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Our concern runs high for the international community during this world health crisis. As humans, we need connection, stimulation (intellectual or fun), a sense of purpose. We are, after all, pack-animals, needing to feel a part of something, and contribution or purpose is often a part of that. As modern humans, our businesses are often an extension of our identity. Many of ours are in jeopardy. Some of us are doing better than ever. We look for help to make our operations visible, connected and us feeling good about what we are offering and how we show up. These groups below address some of these issues. Most are free, and some events will be offered at a low fee. We hope you will participate in one or more, and spread the word to others so they can, too. 

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All are available online internationally
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Lots of free & a few low cost events for wellness, business and connection

Attend online events from wellness classes, business trainings and networking, to social events. More info HERE.

Networking Group

A Positive Psychology Community


Calm ~ Confidence ~ Productivity ~ Purpose

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Private Facebook Group 

This new-ish group is an uplifting place to learn and connect  if you have anxiety, or suspect that is what is keeping you from living the life you desire.
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Friends ~ Activities ~ Support ~ Accountability

Do you find yourself sitting too much during the day and are feeling less fit day by day, and need/want the support of others who understand how challenging it can be just to get up and do something for ourselves? More info HERE

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Private Facebook Group