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Are you overwhelmed, confused, insecure?
Suffer from chronic anxiety?
Brain not working optimally?

Welcome to
"From Panic to Peace"

How you respond to the world is influenced by more than you realize; it's often below conscious awareness. It's beyond conventional psychology and common wisdom. It's essential to retrain the deeper systems in the mind and body which will happen with this training. And it's good to remember that healing and regulating the nervous system and brain function takes significant time. This core program is a start and is often all that is needed for many people.

Where you are now and how you interact with the world is not where you will be once you undertake this training. Your world will look different because you are changed. We will accomplish this by:

  • Education ~ Learning what is happening inside you allows your reactions to change. Knowledge is power

  • Experience ~ Watch and feel as the feedback you are getting makes internal shifts. The subtle effects of biofeedback create profound change in our clients' lives.

  • Cultivation ~ (which includes a commitment to following through) Best said: Practice Makes Progress.

  • Support ~ Your questions will be answered, you will be reminded and scheduled (but not overly so), you will be in the company of others doing this work (all of our team members have), celebrating and working through challenges.

  • Accountability ~ Depending on how you choose to set this up, it can be a gentle reminder each day or week or daily check-ins to see where you are making gains and where you are getting tripped up. We help you keep track so you don't get lost in the busy-ness of your life. "Without appropriate support, the environment takes over" So true! Many times our habits and environment do not support us to be our best selves. 


Here are a few of our methods:

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback: Makes the invisible visible. We use it to create more resiliency and tone down the fight or flight response which allows you to respond to the world instead of react to it.

  • Neurofeedback: (Brain biofeedback) Learn to avoid distractions and enhance mental resilience with Mendi home neurofeedback helps you measure, control, train, and improve brain function.

  • Focus on loving-kindness and warmth for self, just as we are now: Change comes most potently when we can accept ourselves and our current situation otherwise it feels like we are swimming upstream. It seems contradictory to be here looking for change and now we are telling you to be happy where you are! Our trainers take this to heart and know that the best opportunities for change comes from acceptance of what is. Think you can't do that? You may be surprised!

  • Shifts in perspective: What is important to you? What is working in your life? What is not working so well? Through processes like NLP and EFT, you will be seeing your life with different eyes; your own eyes and values, but from a different perspective.

  • Relational neuroscience, Poly-vagal theory, CBT: You will learn what is going on in your brain and body and why the typical reactions we experience can change by knowing and instilling this information. The latest neuroscience is showing us through brain imaging that what we once thought as natural can be shifted. The poly-vagal theory informs us about our social behavior and connections, our reactions to the world, and our sense of safety in any environment. For many of us, it answers questions of why we behave as we do. Once we recognize these patterns is it easier to make changes as we calm our nervous system with various methods of biofeedback.

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