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Biofeedback Clinics 
Local only to Santa Cruz, Santa Clara Counties, CA, USA

Due to Covid-19, these clinics are not currently available.

We open our offices several times per week around the counties to those who wish to do a round of biofeedback without signing up for a particular program and for clients who wish to have more time training with a tech or practitioner present.


There is a minimum commitment of ten sessions prepaid, non-refundable to be used within 60 days of first session. We do this because biofeedback is often not consciously effective in the immediate, so no determination can be made of its efficacy in a shorter time. Too much time between appointments means that you lose some of the learning & benefits, just like too much time between gym workouts contributes to muscle loss. We want you to have success with this powerful modality.

The clinic will take approximately 1.5 hours, depending on equipment you choose to use.

If you want to get even better training, sign up for the Lumosity Challenge, which takes place 30 minutes before the Biofeedback Clinic. See Lumosity Challenge page

First appointment orientation is required. We show you how to set yourself up and how to clean up. This will be your first session and you may actually get some training in that session.

The clinic process goes like this:

  • Show up at correct time

  • Sign in

  • Rate your state (how you are feeling and behaving) on form given to record for our files

  • Select available equipment (which can be reserved ahead of time)

  • Hook yourself up (after being shown how to do it) 

    • ~OR~ get help from tech on premises

  • Train for 20-30 minutes, depending on type of biofeedback 

  • Clean off the equipment for the next user

  • Switch to another type of biofeedback

  • Train for another 20-30 minutes

  • Clean off the equipment

  • Write in your journal to assess your state

  • Slip out quietly as others may still be training

Equipment available:

  • Heart Rate Variability (generally Heartmath)

    • Desktop clinical version

    • Handheld

  • Galvanic skin response​ biofeedback

  • Alive Dual Drive or other computer biofeedback games

  • EMG muscle tension biofeedback

  • Neurofeedback: Only available for those former or current neurofeedback clients. This appointment will be for a second or third session in your week if you are an existing Neurofeedback client. Those undertaking this option will only be doing neurofeedback during the clinic, not switching to a different modality because of the set up and clean up time neurofeedback requires

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